Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against The Estate of James Winner, Inventor of The Club

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The families of two men killed in an automobile accident caused by James Winner, the 81-year old inventor of the anti-theft device “The Club”, have filed a lawsuit in Broward County, Florida against Mr. Winner’s Estate and his company, Winner International, LLC.  The families are represented by Wites Law Firm of Lighthouse Point, Florida, and Grant Goodman of Cleveland, Ohio.

The lawsuit alleges that on the afternoon of September 14, 2010, Bobby Jarrett and Raymond Fair were riding in Mr. Jarrett’s Chevy Blazer on Miola Road in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, when they were struck head-on by Mr. Winner’s SUV.  Mr. Winner was traveling in the opposite direction of Miola Road. According to independent eyewitnesses, he had been driving in an erratic fashion for several miles, and repeatedly drove his SUV across the center line of Miola Road and into the oncoming lane before slowly pulling the SUV back into his lane.  Mr. Winner’s driving was so reckless that a fellow driver had called 911 to report his driving to the authorities.

As Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Fair traveled down Miola Road, Mr. Winner again pulled into the opposite travel lane.  However, this time there were dire consequences; Mr. Winner pulled directly into the path of the vehicle occupied by Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Fair, and the vehicles collided head-on.  All three occupants in the two vehicles were killed as a result of this horrific crash.

Bobby Jarrett was survived by his sons Bobby Lee Jarrett II and Bryant Jarrett, and daughter Deborah Cilenti, and their families.  Raymond Fair was survived by his son Jerry Fair, daughters Lois Myers and Vylinda Driskill, and their families.  The lawsuit seeks, for the Estates of Bobby Lee Jarrett and Raymond Fair, damages for pain and suffering, loss of companionship and guidance as well as loss of net accumulations and funeral expenses.

The Jarrett and Fair Families are represented by Marc A. Wites and Jonathan Burns of Wites Law Firm  The firm represents injured persons and their families in personal injury and wrongful death actions, investment disputes and class actions. Marc is the author of two well-established books on Florida law, The Florida Litigation Guide, and Florida Causes of Action.

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