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Fire Claim

A fire in your home can be devastating. Regardless of whether you’ve suffered minimal damage in one room or a complete loss of your property and possessions throughout your home, you will rightfully be feeling highly emotional right now.

Fighting a battle with your insurance company is the last thing you need. However, if you feel your insurance company is undervaluing your claim, then here at Wites Law Firm we can help.

Fire Damage Is Usually Worse Than It Appears

Fire Damage insurance attorneyIf you are allowed to enter your home following a fire you will be sickened by the damage. Fire itself is relentless, and quickly destroys everything in its path starting with flammable objects – your carpets, curtains, sofas and clothes, as well as any wooden furniture you have. As it gets hotter, the more capable of consuming everything it becomes. It’s an uncontrollable force.

The immediate visual damage of a fire is very disturbing, but the secondary effects such as soot, odor, water damage and corrosion are also extremely distressing but are often invisible. You will want to take action to get your property cleaned up as quickly as possible because failure to do so can lead to additional deterioration of property and belongings.

Water damage is also likely to be prevalent, occurring where the emergency services have fought to save your property and contain your losses. Any electrical items you had in your home will have been rendered useless. Meanwhile smoke damage seems to pervade everywhere, regardless of how small the fire in your home was and soot accumulates on everything.

It sometimes seems impossible to get rid of the smell of smoke, and some property owners have been known to throw out everything and start right from scratch – because what they are left with is a complete disaster, where everything needs to be replaced.

Is your insurance company serving you well?

Take a moment to consider the offer your insurance company is proposing. If you feel that the offer is well below what your property and possessions are worth, or if your insurance company is denying your fire claim, then you really need to speak to us at Wites Law Firm. It’s a sad fact that insurance companies do not always contemplate the invisible effects of a fire in your home when they consider your compensation package.

With this in mind, Wites Law Firm will work with you to sue for your fire damages using our own extensive and proprietary list. Following the devastating fire in your home. We will take into consideration your total losses, including the cost of temporary accommodation, time off work you have been forced to have, as well as any ill effects on your health.

Why choose Wites Law Firm for your fire claim?

Here at Wites Law Firm, we represent you – the property owner. We don’t represent anyone else and certainly not your insurance company. We know only too well what sort of ruses your insurance company can use in order to minimize or deny your claim and we won’t stand for it. We want to see you fully reimbursed for your losses.

Wites Law Firm was founded in 2001 and we have fourteen years of courtroom experience, fighting to get the best results for fire claims. We’re not afraid to go to court, so insurance companies recognize that we don’t just settle. We know that unless you are being offered a fair amount of compensation, settling out of court will not get you the money you are entitled to for your fire claim. So we’re happy to go in front of a jury on your behalf. After all, this is what you deserve.

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